You have elected not to provide a read receipt.

We will not notify the sender about this time, or any future time, that you open this email.

Frequently-asked questions about this service.

What information do you share when I provide a read receipt?

We collect the number of times an email has been read, the number of times each link has been clicked, and approximate timestamps for each event.
Since you chose not to provide a read receipt, we will not report this open, or any future opens. We will not provide information about current or future clicks in this message, either.

Note - if someone else opened this email, or if you opened it a while ago and are choosing to not provide a read receipt now, the sender may have already been notified about the previous read/click history.

How are read receipts different from open tracking?

Read receipts give you a choice about whether or not you wish to notify the sender that you read the message. Open tracking is silent - they embed an invisible 1x1 image in the email without explicitly letting you know that the message is tracked.

Most companies that provide an open tracking service also display information about your location to the sender. They likewise notify the sender the instant the message is opened. Read receipts do NOT provide the sender your location or the exact time stamp.

We feel that silently collecting this information is invasive and unethical.

How can I add read receipts to emails I send?

For Microsoft Outlook, use Boomerang for Outlook! For Gmail, download Boomerang for Gmail - which also includes scheduling email, reminders, and follow-up response tracking!